Cartvines : Ecommerce as a service

Build your cloud based online commerce solution with cartvines in minutes

Take advantage of reduced Operating and Capex costs with cartvines - platform thats inherently enabled with Ai, Devops and various automation tools. Build and maintain great looking and clean commerce sites effortlessly.

Just 3 steps

register -> select theme -> launch store


Our micro services architecture allows us to integrate solutions and platforms seamlessly such as shipping, payment gateways, warehouse management platforms etc.


built in tools to detect fraud and various finger printing techniques - you can be assured your and your customers data is secured at all times (at rest and in transit).


Innovative pay - as - you grow model. Our pricing is startup friendly - Partners for Growth.


Server-less deployment of your instance on a cloud infrastucutre provides you the flexibility to scale horizontally and vertically based on your business demands.


We understand the cost and effort to get targeted customers to your platform and have crafted techniques to minimize clicks to reach a product and complete purchase.

Attract visitors

Create campaigns, promotions, discounts with SEO friendly platform.Promote on social media and much more ..

Sell globally

Easily grow your instance Globally with inbuilt support for multi-lingual, multi-currency , multi-tax, multi-vendor. talk to us.

Manage Everything

With "Digipad" you can control all aspects of your commerce instance on your Pad.
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