Project Case Study

Customer Profile:

A non-profit, primarily local and physical in nature based in Ohio.

Business Challenges:

Align business growth strategies with a digital transformation strategy.  Identify and plan the people, processes, and technology needed.

Our Solutions:

  • Interview stakeholders in various roles of the organization on business goals and pain points.
  • Provide findings and gain agreement on needed transformation.
  • Propose the org structure, new and revised processes, and technology architecture.
  • Provide a 3-5 year roadmap to achieve goals

Technical Solutions:

Completed an agreed upon strategy and roadmap for the company to achieve 5x in revenue growth over 3-5 years with needed incremental milestones in the roadmap.  Aligned suppliers and set roadmap execution in motion. Completed package selections for go forward technologies.

Our Values:

Digital Strategy & Roadmap for 5x Revenue Growth