Project Case Study

Customer Profile:

A mid-sized  innovative technology company devoted to utilizing smart technology to develop life-saving products. The company is in the business of manufacturing state of the art PPE for firefighters and Military. They are also in service and suplly chain business.

Business Challenges:

The company is not getting the ROI from its Technology department which is crucial for their future growth.  They wanted to perform an indeoth analysis that should measure expectations and perceptions of IT relative to capabilities, resources, risks, vulnerabilities, and internal IT Priorities and identifies gaps and offers high level recommendations to improve productivity and efficiencies.

Our Solutions:

We completed the assessement with the focus on organization, Operations and technology. As part of the assessment we also provided the high level roadmap for digital transformation. A good mix of BUILD and RUN activites were suggested. The IT asssessemnt was perfromed by two consultants with a combined experiece of more than 75 years. 

Technical Solutions:

EnSignis - IT assessment framework

Our Values:

Based on our Assessment report the company embarked on the journey for digital transformation. We are providing a high level oversight of the execution.