US based leading digital financial services company

US based leading digital financial services company offering financial products for consumers, businesses and corporate clients. They offer multiple banking products and services to its customers

Mobile App Development

Solution Architected, Designed and build MVP for vaccination management mobile application for a startup that is pusuing the idea of obtaining any vaccination record across US, securly saving it and then transmitting the record to any third party.


UK based product company

UK based products company that sell multiple mobile and wearable devices, expects to sell thousands of devices and they required that each of these devices and associated white [...]

US based world class Travel Retailer

US based world class leader in retail option for traveler and travel related audiences access the world of Duty free and travel retail. Improve time-to-market for adding new businesses to their platform

Netherland based global mobile Ad Network provider

Netherland based, global mobile ad network bringing 50+ publishers and 300+ advertisers together. The network applies extensive rule-based tools to run targeted ad campaigns. The networks run [...]