Intelligent Automation

Intelligent Automation uses various software tools to automate routine tasks that require work-flows, data-based decisions and adaptability.  Done correctly, it can be transformational to the workforce of a company, yielding significant benefits.  At the heart of this is Robotic Process Automation (“RPA”).  RPA can enhance the performance of processes by providing a highly flexible and rapidly scalable digital workforce that operates 24/7, executing defined tasks that are compliant with well-defined business rules, provided the appropriate candidate processes are selected along with the optimal automation tool solutions, some of which may already have in production. By combining the power of leading automation tool vendors and analytical capabilities, EnSignis RPA expertise has a proven record that ensures increased operational efficiency and accelerated cost savings with zero processing defects.

Our Offerings:

Develop an Enterprise-wide Automation Strategy

  • Define desired corporate goals, both tangible and intangible
  • Identify key processing gaps and opportunities
  • Assess Impacts on Business Objectives
  • Define scalability plan through, shared services and sourcing model, understanding the ramifications of each
  • Define personnel requirements of different roles, and how staffing will occur

Establish Automation Governance

  • Define Automation Roadmap
  • Design & Implement Center of Competence (COC)
  • Define and implement enterprise-wide Governance model
  • Provide Program Oversight for Implementation

Automation Opportunity Assessment

  • Identify Inefficiency drivers, performance bottlenecks and cost sinks
  • Identify and prioritize opportunities for Automation
  • Intelligent automation: assess opportunity to redesign processes for more optimal performance before automating

Automation Solution Design

  • Finalize vendors/toolsets and execution requirements
  • Assess current vendors, their tool sets, and their corporate support capabilities
  • Do risk and benefit analysis
  • Negotiate pricing and structure contracts
  • Implement Production Pilots
  • Deploy process oversight


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